Breaking New Ground!

Breaking New Ground!

Embark on an Exciting Journey with Galloper Gold!

The last three years haven’t been easy for the junior resource sector.

The CSE Composite Index has lost more than 80% of its value since mid-February 2021 while nearly half the value of the TSX Venture has disappeared.

Investors are feeling beaten up. From a contrarian perspective, however, this is typically when opportunity knocks the hardest.

It’s time for the junior resource sector to start galloping again, but a new up cycle will still leave many companies behind.

The winning junior resource companies of the future will need to be more creative, more bold, more transparent, and more engaging with their shareholders.

They will need to incorporate technology more effectively and reach out to a younger and broader investment audience beyond the borders of just Canada and the United States.

At Galloper Gold, we’re not afraid to embrace change and blaze a new path.

We think BIG and we dare to be different!

As the slogan says, we’re “Breaking New Ground!”

Galloper Gold, after approvals of its Long Form Prospectus from the B.C. Securities Commission and the Ontario Securities Commission, is now officially a reporting issuer and will soon finalize its filings with a Canadian exchange leading to a listing in Q1 2024.

Glover Island

Western Newfoundland

Glover Island

Western Newfoundland

Glover Island Project: A World of Possibility

Glover Island is characterized by a large number of contrasting rock types. Abundant thrust faults, high-angle faults and major deformational events created highly favorable conditions for the accumulation of both gold and copper on this unique island, in particular orogenic-style gold and copper-rich VMS. It’s no surprise, then, that an initial gold deposit was outlined on Glover Island more than a decade ago (not compliant by today’s standards and outside of Galloper’s land package) and that it remains wide open for expansion. There are mineral occurrences across much of the 40-km-long island and the “Glover Island Trend” is interpreted to continue for more than 10 km with many areas still heavily under-explored.

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